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Parchem is a premier partner of the paint & coatings industry and chemical intermediate markets. We are strategic sourcing experts; your ultimate single source supplier for raw materials.
Konica Minolta Sensing's on demand webinar details the fundamentals of color science, techniques to evaluating color and appearance, and how to control the color quality, consistency, and appearance of paint and coatings.
Texene LLC Texene LLC
Major companies specify CROHMIQblue® STATIC PROTECTIVE FIBC exclusively because with 30 million+ CROHMIQ® bags used to safely pack 60 billion+ pounds of chemicals, it’s the right choice when safety matters. There is no substitute – CROHMIQ keeps you safe.
Quest Specialty Chemicals Quest Specialty Chemicals
Quest Specialty Chemicals (QSC) was established in 2003 by chemical industry veterans to become a leader in specialty chemicals and coatings. QSC is engaged in the formulation, manufacturing, and marketing of coatings designed to repair, restore, and pres
Industrial Paints & Coatings
Elementis Specialties offers a variety of rheology modifiers and specialty additives for industrial paints and ...
Extenders, additives and resins for coatings, inks, adhesives and sealants
The versatility of paints, coatings and associated products is truly impressive. There is an optimal ...
A Unique Anti-fouling “Beyond Silyl”
SEAFLO NEO is a high performance TBT free hydrolysis antifouling, utilising a special and unique ...
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