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Patcham (FZC) based in Sharjah, UAE manufactures PVC heat stabilizers, epoxidised soya bean oil and tin catalysts. Our other products include Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (CPW). We also make paint driers, accelerators and lube additives.An ISO 9001 company, our products are sold in over 35 countries across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.Mission Patcham (FZC), manufactures paint driers for solvent based paint systems, Catalysts for 2K P.U. coating systems, dispersing agents, anti-settling agent, anti foaming agent, thickening agents for water based as well as solvent based coating systems, catalysts for P.U.Epoxy powder coatings. We also supply Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (anti skinning agent).For the P.V.C. industry, Patcham(FZC) manufactures liquid heat stabilizers - mixed metal liquid complexes, kickers, organo tin stabilizers and epoxydized soyabean oil.Patcham (FZC), also manufactures various Tin Catalysts for flexible and rigid P.U. foams and other P.U. applications.Our product range also includes Accelerators and Peak of Exotherm additive for Unsaturated Polyester Resins and FRP industry, Extreme pressure agents & Anti corrosive agents for high performance grease and lube.Our Well equipped laboratory ensures strict quality control for all products while theResearch & Development department with its highly qualified technical team constantly strives to improve products and methods.Our R&D team can develop custom made formulations of liquid metal soaps and organotin stabilisers.Our market network is spread over 30 countries, which includes The Middle East, North Africa, East Africa, C.I.S and Russia, Indian Sub Continent, South East Asia and Europe.

Product Showcase

Patcham (FZC)

Patcham (FZC)


PATCHAM is concerned with and committed to conserving the environment by
using natural resources in its products.

PATCHAM has successfully launched a range of products which are green, to create strong & effective solutions to replace traditional synthetic additives.

Raw materials used for this range of additives are from renewable or bio-based resources.

The latest additions to our green technology are PAT-ADD DA 202 & 203 which are green, bio-based polymeric wetting agents for water borne applications as well as wetting and dispersing media for stainers and tinters. These products replace all APE based products at an affordable price.

AF 5110 & AF 5210 are green, polymeric defoamers for water borne applications including clear & transparent coatings, especially for wood.
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