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Elementis Specialties provides high value functional additives to the architectural and industrial coatings, adhesives, sealants, inks, and construction products. These additives improve the flow characteristics and performance of our customer s products or production processes.

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio that includes rheology modifiers for aqueous and solvent systems, defoamers, colorants, waxes, dispersing and wetting agents, adhesion promoters and wax and surface active additives.

Our major products are BENTONE® organoclays, RHEOLATE® rheological additives, THIXATROL® rheology additives, M-P-A® anti-settling agents, DAPRO® specialty additives, NALZIN® corrosion and rust inhibitors, NUOSPERSE® wetting and dispersing agents, SLIP-AYD® waxes and slip additives and TINT-AYD® colorants,. These enhance the feel, flow and finish of everyday products including surface coatings, adhesives and sealants and construction products.

We continue to bring new technologies and products to the markets we serve and to work collaboratively with our customers. This focus allows us to nurture our partnerships and to build on our technical expertise and commitment to the ongoing improvement of our industries.