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VMA-GETZMANN - innovative dispersing and fine milling systems --- Dissolvers, vacuum dissolvers, bead mills, basket mills, homogenizers and stirrers for laboratory, pilot plant and production

Since the foundation of the company the name VMA-Getzmann has been synomynous with the production of high-quality and innovative dispersion systems --- The integration of progressive technology with functional design as well as high quality, are characteristic of our products.

To test patented dispersing and fine grinding systems without any commitment: Please visit us in our excellently equipped laboratory and pilot plant for a personal product demonstration with your own products. Our skilled engineers will be pleased to show you the impressing range of services of our patented dispersing and grinding systems DISPERMAT® and TORUSMILL® for stirring, mixing, homogenizing, dispersing and fine grinding till the nanoscale. Alternatively we would be pleased to receive a sample of your product for dispersing or fine grinding

Innovation made in Germany: modular dispersion and fine milling systems
Convert the DISPERMAT® dissolver into a vacuum dissolver, a homogenizer, a closed vertical bead mill, a closed vertical basket mill and a dissolver for very high viscosity and non-flowing substances. CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

Dispersing and fine grinding with dissolvers and bead mills
In our section “Dispersion-Know-How” you can find an introduction to the complex world of the dispersing and fine grinding technology. Of course our experienced personnel will be pleased to advise you accordingly.

Dispersion with dissolvers
Fine milling with bead mills