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April 8 - 10 2014
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LANGGUTH’s Clean Design enhances cleanability and protects product from area contaminants.

Intended to address the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act FSMA, LANGGUTH offer its Clean Design option allowing for rigorous routine sanitation.

Stainless components, minimal IP65 rating, reduced accumulation surfaces, negligible dust exposure, and ergonomic guarding are incorporated into Clean Design. The Clean Design option can be included on both our hot melt and cold glue labelers.

In a food production environment LANGGUTH's Clean Design meets the demands of day to day efficiencies and stringent sanitation requirements.

Into its 8th decade Langguth GmbH is a family owned manufacturer of tailor made labeling and container handling equipment.
Known for quality and innovative designs, Langguth exports more than 60% of sales through 40 agents around the globe.

Langguth's guiding principles are expressed as
* Respecting our customers, suppliers and colleagues as partners.
* Listening attentively with an open-mind.
* Focusing on our customers' needs and exceeding their requirements.
* Creating the best solution if the optimum is not yet available.
* Committing ourselves to the design of high-quality solutions only.

For two decades Langguth-America has provided comprehensive sales and service to the North American market. Our customers enjoy domestic sourcing of service & parts.