Eisenmann Corporation

150 East Dartmore Drive
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Regional Sales Manager, General Finishing

Contact: Richard Goelz


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We plan, develop and implement high-quality, carbon-friendly, made-to-measure plants, processes and services for customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on being a strong, reliable partner to our customers and on responding to their specific needs and challenges.

Our highly skilled and experienced employees successfully complete complex and ambitious projects throughout the world. Our continuous improvement processes ensure ever higher standards of quality.

Our culture of innovation generates pioneering tech-nologies that have been redefining the state of the art for six decades. A key goal is to create new solutions that enhance our customer’s competitiveness. To this end,
we develop plant and equipment that conserves energy, raises efficiency and minimizes carbon emissions.

We are always looking to penetrate new markets and industries. This is underscored by our commitment to renewable energy, to processing technology for new materials and to carbon fiber production.