Csm Instruments

197 1st Avenue, Suite 120
Needham, MA 02494
United States of America
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CSM Instruments has been leader in the development of instruments for advanced materials testing for over thirty years. Our products include Hardness Testers, Scratch Testers, and Tribometers of varying load ranges. 3D-imaging options are available with the ConScan or AFM objective.

CSM Instruments provides equipment that allow the mechanical characterization of a wide range of surfaces and bulk materials. Adhesion of paints, optical thin films or hard coatings can be defined using one of our Scratch Testers. These span the nano to the macro range to analyze the widest range of materials. Dynamic testing measurements can be performed to define not only the hardness of the material, but also to evaluate the plastic and elastic deformation, the elasticity module, creep and much more. For wear testing we offer the Tribometer, based on the pin-on-disc principle, that operates both in the Micro and Nano regime; to record the frictional coefficient and measure the wear volume. Other equipment measures film thickness. Additionally, CSM provides three dimensional viewing capabilities of sample surfaces under most testing regimes.

Additionally, we have a thorough sample testing service and demonstration laboratory in Boston, MA where you can send us your samples for evaluation or take a firsthand look at our instruments.