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Croda Coatings & Polymers provides high performance and environmental friendly solutions to formulators, resin manufacturers and additive producers through its wide range of specialty surfactants and bio-based building blocks. Croda is an innovative partner offering its customers the highest level of technical service, applications know-how and a variety of technologies such as: emulsifiers, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, polymeric surfactants, plasticizers, building blocks, chain extenders / crosslinkers and processing aids.

Our speciality ingredients meet the trend towards more environmentally friendly coatings systems based on water such as water-based epoxies, alkyds and polyurethane dispersions. The range consists of bio-based building blocks, functional ingredients and surfactants offering differentiated and advanced benefits such as:

-Excellent moisture protection
-Right balance of flexibility and hardness
-Enhanced film properties
-Good chemical resistance
-Improved environmental profile

Some of Croda's highlights are:
Maxemul™ 5000 & 6000 series Reactive surfactants for emulsion polymerization
Maxemul™ 9107 Solid and liquid epoxy oil-in-water emulsion
Priplast™ XL 101 A unique balance between flexibility and excellent strength while giving higher elastomer hardness
B-Tough™ C Reactive epoxy toughening concept for heavy-duty coatings

Croda Polymers and Coatings - Innovation you can build on™