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Adwest Technologies and our HEE-Duall Scrubber and Biofilter Division provide industrials with cost effective VOC abatement, odor abatement and air pollution controls for chemical, paint, printing, food processing, oil & gas processing, composites, carbon fiber, pharmaceutical, plastics, wastewater treatment, ethanol & biofuels, semiconductor and hydrocarbon processes.

Adwest and HEE-Duall are part of CECO Environmental who is committed to improving worldwide air quality and our client's EPA Compliance. Our RETOX RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Zeolite & Fluid Bed FBC Concentrator and wet scrubber systems have been installed on over 1200 custom systems from 500 scfm to 300,000 scfm system flow rates. Each RETOX RTO Thermal and catalytic Oxidizer has the lowest energy usage available, all at very competitive capital costs to provide your VOC abatement project with an affordable solution to air pollution control and VOC Compliance. All Adwest RETOX RTOs have FLAMELESS NGI-Natural Gas Injection Operation which provides our clients with the lowest carbon footprint to achieve VOC and air abatement compliance.

Typical RETOX RTOs are designed to provide 99% VOC control with up to 97% primary thermal energy efficiency for ultra low life cycle energy and maintenance costs.

Adwest provides single source turnkey installation of our RTO Oxidizer, wet scrubber and Biofilter systems as well as secondary heat recovery to further lower our client's system energy usage. CECO Adwest provides responsive customer preventative maintenance services and spare parts and we service all brands of oxidizers and air abatement systems.

Contact the Adwest and HEE-Duall Air Quality Improvement team today for a free, no obligation RTO oxidizer and/or wet scrubber and biofilter proposal for your specific solvent and/or hydrocarbon laden process! www.cecoenviro,com